We give half of our services

away for free to help non-profit.

Disclaimer: "Give-Half" is now "Projet Feu de Camp"

For two years, our vision and mission have driven us to give half of our services away to local non-profits. But we knew we could do more. That's why in 2023, we took a leap of faith and founded a non-profit collective dedicated to help local non-profits, 100% for free. This new entity (called "Le Projet Feu de Camp") is separate from Space Lemon and stands on its own, with a sole purpose of making a positive impact in Brussels (and beyond).

Warm regards,
Val, from Space Lemon

Every year, non-profit organisations are spending billions on fees billed by service-providers.

Our mission is to disintegrate these costs. And thus giving them the chance to redirect these funds towards true Impact. Space Lemon does that by, at any given moment, giving half of its services away for free by balancing pro-bono, discounted and market-rate projects.

How is it possible?


Thanks to our network of amazing Volunteers / Freelancers, and a spot-on small core team. Space Lemon is able to leverage enough work to balance a profitable, cheerful & impactful enterprise.

Special thanks to verynice & especially Matthew Manos for inspiring us to take the leap into the GiveHalf business model.

Just to be clear: On a Non-Profit project, everyone is a volunteer. On a paid project everyone is paid. We are not using free labour to make money.

how to


At any given moment, Space Lemon balances paid and pro-bono engagements.

We typically reserve pro-bono services for grassroots organizations with an operating budget that is less than $1MM USD.

Sliding scale rate discounts are provided to larger organizations as well as for-profit social enterprises. Organizations with an operating budget between $1-5MM qualify for a discount of up to 50%; $5-10MM qualify for a discount of up to 25%; above $10MM, as well as for-profit social enterprises, qualify for a discount of up to 10%.

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