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Cultureghem is a 10 000m² urban space in Brussels where hundreds of people of all ages and origins can meet others, feel at home and where sharing is the norm.
With an ambitious goal of creating an alternative to capitalism and individualism in Kureghem, they sometimes struggled to make their vision and various activities understood fully.This is why Space Lemon is on an ongoing project to help articulate their vision into a crystal clear communication to bring their potential to the fullest.‍‍‍


Space Lemon helped this unique brand to showcase in a charming way the blend of their roots in Scandinavian ancient tradition with its respect for nature.
As a result, Vekja holds a mesmerising digital experience ready to make people dive into its esoteric universe.


With the belief that the balance between mind and body is key to long-lasting happiness, Lisenea helps people in emotional distress through sophrology and coaching. Helping them transforming their wound in a light beam.
Space Lemon worked hand in hand with Lisenea to turn its authentic approach into a visual identity, website and social media that truly mirrored its personality.This is why Space Lemon is on an

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