Case study: Communication Strategy for

Cultureghem ?

The most inspiring non-profit in Brussels!
(From our perpsective)

It is a public space in Kuregem for everyone in Brussels. A place where you meet up with friends and quickly get to know new people. A place where you enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. A place where you turn ideas into impressive projects.

The Challenge

Turn this complex and original non-profit into one clear and inspiring message.

Cultureghem is an amazing multi-tasking and creative nonprofit.
They have 10 different types of actions impacting 3 different sectors: Access to Food - Emancipate People - Make the public Space Alive),but this strength also had become a weakness .

From an outside point of view, it was tough to get a quick grasp of what Cultureghem was about. Investors and foundations didn’t know what they would put their money into before meeting them, newcomers were left with too many questions, and it was too tedious for people to get involved.

That’s why it was primordial for us to help them articulate a clear and precise vision that would unite the whole organisation under the same umbrella and communicate an inspiring message to their different audiences.

The Strategy

Show the way towards a more human and sustainable future in the city.

Help the people of Brussels to reclaim public space with mutual support and inclusiveness to create a more human city.

You know those moments when you walk around town and you realise that all the people you meet are strangers, that our society separates us too often?

At Cultureghem, we are convinced that this is not inevitable! That with more encounters and sharing in our streets, our beloved Brussels can become this little village where everyone knows each other, but in an XXL version!

That's why the Staff and the volunteers create spaces and moments where everyone is welcome, a breeding ground of opportunities, where projects flourish in ever more creative ways.

Coming to Cultureghem means... Being part of a creative & idealistic family. Where you feel just right, discover and use your talents. It's contributing to creating another way of living together.

An example that shows the way to a more humane and sustainable future in the city

The results

  • This allowed the Staff to reorganize their internal organization more clearly.
  • A clear communication plan for all upcoming initiatives and events. Which has always been unclear in the past.
  • Allowing to create effective communication tools which you can see in the next case study "Strategy in Action"!
  • Enabled the Communication team to unify the visual identity of Cultureghem as well!

An example that shows the way to a more humane and sustainable future in the city.


When we first arrived at Cultureghem, Yannick (the director) told us many stories about how Cultureghem touches people's lives and that's partly why we decided to choose them as part of our volunteer program 2021!

He told us how some volunteers cross the whole city to come and lend a hand because Cultureghem is so dear to them. How Cultureghem had offered a new places to open up for others who had a precarious situation that had ended up isolated. Or how many artists meet a new audience at Cultureghem. Not to mention all the great collaborations with other associations, initiatives and actions! So many initiatives that were constantly coming to life!

No time to lose, we had a brand communication to make, so all these great things could be heard all over Brussels!

The mission

(The following collaterals made for this project are only available in French. Please find the translation under ever picture!)

Their mission is to leave behind this society that separates us too often

Where our neighbours are often strangers

and to reclaim public space with mutual aid and inclusiveness

to create a more human city.

The strategy

Offer a public space for where really everyone is welcome.

It is a breeding ground of opportunities,

where projects flourish in an ever more creative way,

and where we see the value of each.

Coming to Cultureghem, it's

Being part of a creative and idealistic family

Where you feel right where you are, discover and use your talents

It's contributing to creating another way of living together.

An example that shows the way to a more humane and sustainable future in the city.

Cultureghem, it's going from ... to ...

Stranger → Friend

Street → Space to meet new people

Population → Famille

No opportunity → Opportunity

Individualism → Mutual Aid

Cultureghem's Feedback

“ It was a pleasure to work with the Space Lemon team. We really felt that you wanted to understand our particular needs and our values. We had new teammates instead of just service providers! ”

- Yannick, Director of Cultureghem

Thanks for checking out the first phase of our work with CUltureghem !

Contact us if you want to rework your communication strategy with us !

If you want to know more about this project, check out the strategy in action case study.

See the strategy in action →

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