Want to use your skills for

a good cause?

A platform filled with

freelancers & volunteers with different
skills and backgrounds.

Where you'll get the opportunity to:

Work on
projects for
non-profits & sustainable businnesses.

Work on projects for non-profits & sustainable businnesses.

and with other freelancers sharing your vision of the world.
(For now based on discord)

(such as webinars, pitching events, and much more!)

Find theand you need to thrive as an impactful freelancer.

want to join the network?

Strategists, storytellers, Earth defenders and revolutionaries at heart.

We believe the world and its inhabitants have the potential to thrive. By embracing new systems built on principles of respect and community, we can create a sustainable future for all.

Expertise is key in this endeavor and it is important to give a platform for those voices to be heard.

Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to make a lasting impact by providing innovative tools to amplify their message and reach. Together, we can create meaningful change.

From complex topics hard to underdtand to inspiring stories.

(We originally called them "Space Lemon", find below the definition of a Space Lemon. If you find yourself knowing one of those little space project, feel free to contact us!)

| speɪs ˈle-mən | Ambitious project, Innovative idea, sustainable scheme
“Fresh, juicy and ambitious idea gravitating inside your head. That, together, we can ignite and make land
its impact on our planet to revolutionise your brand.”

Trough disruptive
problem solving.

The comfort zone and the ordinary are our punching ball. We love to tackle every situation from every angles to create the most ambitious and exciting solutions to your struggles.

Ready to land your new project on earth?

Do you think your initiative is important and can have a positive impact? But you feel like your stakeholders have a hard time understanding it? We can help!