We’re not your typical communication agency

We’re not your typical communication agency

We’re not your typical communication agency

We’re not your typical

communication agency

We are your organisation's


About us

we are

earth   and
revolutionaries at heart

Our ecosystem and the people living in it are not doing good at all. We believe that creating and adopting new systems with respect and community as core values is our only way to living in a truly sustainable world.

To create these new models that'll live up to what's at hand,
we need people like you: change-makers.

Our mission is to help you turn your organisation into a movement that'll create a long-lasting impact. We do this by creating, with you, innovative tools to super-boost your impact through your community.

Our approach

That’s why

we  space lemons

“What is their deal with this fruit from the galaxy?” You might think!

| speɪs ˈle-mən | Ambitious project, Innovative idea, sustainable scheme
“Fresh, juicy and ambitious idea gravitating inside your head. That, together, we can ignite and make land
its impact on our planet to revolutionise your brand.”

Our approach


problem solving

The comfort zone and the ordinary are our punching ball. We love to tackle every situation from every angles to create the most ambitious and exciting solutions to your struggles.

We love it simple, fun & inspiring.

From our experiences, we realised that most extraordinary things happen when we all come together without clutter with the same gowal in mind while enjoying ourselves.

our almost
unique business model

to non-profits

We believe in Effective Altruism:

"How to make the most good with the less time and effort possible".

This is why we started giving half of our work away to altruistic &
revolutionary non-profits. Because we believe that it's by giving them access to easy, fun and efficient methods to revolutionise their impact that we can create effective change.

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how it started?


Sharing the same vision of the universe & the same will to make it a better place, we are two astronauts best friends from Belgium and Switzerland. And we decided to dedicate our work towards helping amazing humans like you making a positive impact on our planet Earth!

But there are more astronauts

All this is only possible because we are surrounded by our brilliant people from the Astronaut Network:

A community of freelancers and studios, all aiming in the direction of impact.

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Ready to ignite your
Space Lemon?

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