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Translate your concepts into crystal clear and impactful stories through the best media to reach your audience.


• Brand Strategy
• Design Sprint
• Vulgarisation
• Workshops
• Prototyping
• User tests


• Editorial Design
• Slideshow
• Illustration
• Infographics


• Visual identity
• Messaging
• Brand guidelines
• Logo creation


• Motion design
• Music creation
• Illustration & animation
• Storyboard
• Scriptwriting


• User Experience (UX)
• User Interface (UI)
• Development
• Interactive tools

Design Challenges

How we've delivered impact

ENTSO-E - Strategy and video

Transforming a 130 pages report into a short and inspiring message

PED4ALL - Strategy and website

Starting a conversation to Co-Create Sustainable Urban Spaces

ENTSO-E - Design Sprint and website

Creating a website for the curious and the expert

FoodWIN.org - Branding

Help & inspire food companies to take action against food waste

Cultureghem - Messaging Strategy

See how we turned this complex and original non-profit into one clear and inspiring message

Cultureghem - Website

How we managed to bring 9+ actions under one umbrella – Focusing on the user journey

We trust experts to shape a more sustainable future.
They trust us back to shape their communication.

“Using Space Lemon’s strategy, videos, and slides really engaged people and addressed their questions right away. It kept the audience focused and assured a more message-focused event, less detail oriented.”
Jean-Baptiste Paquel, Projet Manager
It was a pleasure to work with the Space Lemon team. We really felt that you wanted to understand our particular needs and our values. We had new teammates instead of just service providers!
Yannick Roels,  Director
“Space Lemon gave the second breath our non-profit needed to keep going post-covid!”
Veronique Eulo, President

By the way,

We’ve been to Mars, It sucks.
Let’s care for Earth and Stay.

We live in a wonderful era. Yes, the world is going +4 degrees, and we might all die. BUT it’s also an amazing time to seize the opportunity of change. And for that Space Lemon decided to trust the experts and transform their important messages, reports, and other sometimes difficult communication into inspiring stories that will engage people and have a positive impact on our planet Earth.

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